A Trip to Batu Caves

Yes,another post about photography assignment. Due to our beloved tutor’s standard, most of our work couldn’t amaze him Q.Q  So we decided to go somewhere different,somewhere we have never been to-Batu Caves. It is one of Malaysia’s tourism spot.


Unfortunately, the place was closed when we arrived so we didn’t get to take many nice photos of this place.


Hanging Out with Friends

The submission day for photography assignment is around the corner,yet we made so few progression so far. Thus we decided to take some more “nature” photos.


This is Si En. She was the who drove us to the park. She seemed bored. 😛


So…many trees…


Are you guys going out on a date or doing assignment?

She is always the one that makes us lose our focus…LOL

A Night in KL

In order to make some progression of the photography assignment, we decided to travel to city area to take some photos. That was quite a journey from Wangsa Maju to KL Sentral, we went to have dinner before taking photos.

That was a breathtaking scene, it was worth the journey.

My First Character~

Today we were just assigned an assignment of Digital Illustration. We are required to create several unique character designs. This is a challenge to all of us because none of us is an expert in digital drawing.

Character Design 1
Character Design 2
Character Design 3

Obviously, my drawing skill still needs some improvements @@

Starting Something New

Never expected I will be creating a blog before. But human always changes, I thought a lot about the life and I decided to create a blog because there will be a lot of things happen in the life so I want to record every good moment I have with my family, my love and my friends.